April 8, 2008

It Seems Like Years Since It's Been Clear and I say "It's All Right"

A real wake up call Saturday morning when Aaron woke up coughing so hard he almost threw up and took him 10 minutes to finally catch his breath. A real wake up call as to how we've been living this unhealthy lifestyle way.too.long! So Saturday I rounded up all of the cigarettes and lighters and ashtrays in the house and pitched them, all of them. It has been three and a half days and I/we feel great. It was a joint decision, out of fear. The real kick in the ass that we both needed! There have been only a few moments, for each of us, that have been tough to get through, but the way I know I feel...I'm never looking back! It's ONLY been 3.5 days and I already feel better! Aaron is sleeping through the night without any coughing fits. We are breathing better and dare I post there was a love making session in the morning hours, before work...so the energy level is on the rise!

We have been walking to replace the times we'd smoke or to help pass a craving...it's been working. The money we would spend on smoking is still being withdrawn from the account and moved to another account. But honestly, it's not the money factor at all motivating this change...it's the life factor.

I hope I don't become one of those ex-smokers who lectures the people I see standing with a ciggy hanging out of their face because I really feel to each their own and until you are ready to give it up...you won't, no matter what ANYONE says to you. I was terrified at the thought of quitting. I would get terrible anxiety...and to be honest, I have had a couple anxiety attacks in the last 78 hours...but they pass. I remember why I(we) am doing this and the pros largely outweigh the cons.

I think it helps that Aaron and I are doing this together. We are getting through this one nic fit at a time. We are experiencing the moodiness that detox brings together, understanding each other and laughing once the instance passes because we realize. We know we need each other now more then ever and that once these nasty habbits are kicked the payoffs will be great!

We are embarking on many new adventures that a healthy life brings. We have been through the sedentary and addictive lifestyle with booze binges and marijuana munchies. We are excited to learn what a healthy, toxin free lifestyle will bring us. I'm sure the highs are beyond my wildest dreams!


Carmen said...

That is so awesome Jodi!!! I'm so proud of you! You rock!

Becky said...

I am so proud of you!!

amy t sharp said...

Jodi- first of all thanks for yr kind words on my blog today xoxoxo
and I know girl about the smokes...I also smoked for years! years! It is hard and I have stumbled several times- but it is worth it in the end! I am saying some prayers for you. xo