September 11, 2008

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

At times I get stuck in the routine that I call my life. It's like I have tunnel vision and all I focus on or think about is my husband, my son or work. Not saying that is a bad thing but I lose touch and focus within myself. And then, every once in awhile, just when I seem to need it and old friend reaches out and calms me down and brings me back and reminds me who I am.

Last night I got a call from one of my oldest and dearest friends. Days, weeks, (most of the time)MONTHS go by before we connect but when we do it's like we never missed a beat...I love friendships like that and I'm blessed to have Mike in my life, still after all these years. He called me with wonderful news that he and his beautiful wife, Holly, (actually it's Holloway, isn't that a brilliant name?) are expecting their first child. This is privileged information (just like being invited to their "engagement party" when the reality was they were actually getting married! Mike's parents didn't even know, should've seen the look on his moms face! Priceless!) as she is not very far along in her pregnancy and I am honored to be considered a friend of such worth. These two fabulous people will be wonderful parents and I couldn't be happier for them. I met Mike this morning for a quick coffee before work, I was usual...sorry Michael, it was so good to see his face and be able to hug him and tell him in person how happy I was for them!

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