November 19, 2008

Might As Well Face It

I'm addicted to Facebook!

I fought the urge for so long. I thought it was another My Space, which is bunk. Yesterday I got bored and created an account. Holy mother of everything fabulous! I cannot believe all the people that I have found or have found me in less then 24 hours! I dreamt of high school people all night! I have done nothing else this morning aside from checking my email. I have only checked in on one of the many bloggers I read daily. I haven't logged into my bulletin board. I haven't done a lick of work.

Someone save me...on the other hand I'm kinda diggin' my new addiction so don't bother!


Anonymous said...

Glad you finally decided to join the Facebook network...they've been lacking trouble makers!

Jodi said...

LMAO! Now THAT made me laugh today! Thank you anon!