June 10, 2009

Shock Me

Yesterday I watched as my son impressed the principal and staff of the elementary school he will be attending in the fall while I registered him for Kindergarten.

Yesterday I watched as he held his own in our driveway playing hockey with our 22 year old neighbor.

Yesterday I watched as he ate his whole plate at dinner while the other children at the "kid's table" threw food on the ground and fell off the picnic bench in hysterics.

Yesterday I watched as he snuggled in the Adirondack chair with his little 4 year old girlfriend.

Yesterday I watched as my son blew out 5 candles on his birthday cake, wondering where the time went remembering where I was 5 years ago that day.


But when all was said and done, my boy still needed his Mama to lay with him and snuggle him to sleep and my heart felt a bit better.
Happy Birthday my Sweet Boy! I love you so much!


Carmen said...

Happy Birthday big guy!

My kiddos just finished Kindergarten and 1st grade yesterday... bittersweet.

Colleen G. said...

Stop making me cry.