July 9, 2009

Those Special Times, They'll Just Go On and On in the Back of My Mind

Back to reality. I thought I'd catch myself up a bit...unfortunately without pictures as all of our vacation shots are still on my camera. Bad/typical me.

What can I say about Reno, NV? I want to live there, we all want to live there. The beauty of the mountains, the cool crisp nights, the howl of the coyotes, the warm breezes. It was a magical place that none of us wanted to leave. Being with family and meeting new friends was amazing. Jakob had 3 dogs, a horse and a donkey to play with, he was in heaven. We laughed until our sides split and cried rivers when we had to say goodbye.

Our time in Lake Tahoe was so relaxing. Everything about Tahoe was breathtaking. We shopped, napped, swam, ate, watched movies, played cards. The only draw back to the whole trip was when Jakob got bit by something on the back of his leg which then grew bigger then a half dollar and infected. It was the nastiest I've ever seen. He is now on antibiotic and the bite has released due to the pressure and he is on the mend.

Our flights were fine. Jakob is turning into quite the little traveler, insisting on pulling his own little carry on on wheels. It was so nice to have the time with him. He was my shadow and I loved every second. Thank you Uncle Jonah for giving us all the wonderful memories you have given! Can't wait for New Orleans!

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