August 24, 2009

This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let it Shine

I can count on one hand how many nights I have spent sleeping without my husband next to me...

That all changed last week.

For the past nine years Aaron has worked in an industry that he despised. I watched painfully as he'd drag himself out of our warm bed into an office that he hated, surrounded by people with no ethics, doing a job he couldn't stand. For years I was his cheerleader...I would try my hardest to pump him up but to no avail.

It's with great pride that I say that as of last week I slept four nights in my bed alone. Aaron has a new job, a job that keeps him away from Jakob and I four over nigths a week, but it is a job that he loves, a job where he has a hard time leaving "his guys" to come home and they are just about all he talks about when he is home! Aaron is now making a difference in people's lives, a job that he is perfect at and a job that will allow him to shine, as he deserves!

My guy is the newest Resident Coordinator for a company in WNY (no, not People's Inc.) that provides homes and care for the mentally and physically challenged. Aaron is the overnight coordinator at a house with 6 guys ranging in age from 25-65 who absolutely adore him. He gets the pleasure of having Elvis impersonation shows, in depth religious talks and so much more. His face glows with happiness when he talks about "his guys".

I always knew that there was something much greater for Aaron. That's why it broke my heart to watch for so many years as he would ride the collections rollercoaster, but everything happens for a reason and I think that Aaron has finally found his!

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