October 26, 2009

Anyway there's no complaint, From Ichabod, Ichabod Crane


It's hard to believe that next weekend is Halloween. What is even harder to believe is that soon enough we will be sitting around the table in my parents living room, warm from the number our family has swelled to, sharing thoughts of thanks and a wish bone. In a blink of an eye we will be surround by shredded paper and bows watching the kids play with their new treasures.

The oranges, reds and browns will be replaced with the silver, red and green.

I went to the grocery store this weekend, they had Christmas trees up. Jakob looked at me and said "but Mama, it hasn't even been Halloween yet! Did they forget about Halloween?"

I wish the world would slow down for a second. One second to take in all that there is to offer. Like the sound of the leaves as they crunch under your boot. Or that smell of morning when you step out to pick up the newspaper at the end of October.

I don't know about you but I am going to enjoy today.

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Surgey White said...

It's almost sickening how fast life whizzes by. Yes, sip from the cup of life that is...Today!