November 16, 2009

It's Business Time

Dear Aaron,

I just wanted you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed having your parents here for the week.  This was my most favorite "Buffalo Visit" yet.  The laughs were endless. 

Watching Jakob bond so tightly with them was beautiful.  My heart breaks when I think about the heart break he will endure tomorrow when we have to say goodbye.  I will share in his sadness.

And you know that whenever Jonah is in town we have a great time!

It has truely been a pleasure.

But, when you got dressed for work today, in those new boots, new jeans....gah!  I'm kinda lookin' forward to tomorrow night. 

As they say "It's Business Time"!

Oh, and leave the boots ON!


1 comment:

Jonah said...

Ok that was sweet with a side of gross.