November 20, 2009

You Make Me Happy When Skys Are Gray

Yesterday, Tati, we gathered as a family to celebrate you!

69 years of success!

Watching you sit, surrounded by your wife, children and grandchildren my mind drifted to stories you have told, countless times, which we never tire of hearing.

A boy growing up in communist Yugoslavia who shared one bed with his siblings AND parents.

A teenager who had  to wear a pair of his mother's shoes to his cousin's wedding because they could not afford a pair for him.

A young man who left his family, his home and all he knew in order to offer his future better then what his present circumstances could offer.

A man in an unfamiliar country, learning unfamiliar languages, finding work, building a new life.

A husband who was not always perfect but has always tried to be his best.

A father who got down on the floor to play Barbies, be there to wipe tears & kiss boo-boos and kick around a soccer ball in the yard.

A grandfather whose eyes sparkle every time any of the children call "Dedo!"

69 years of life well lived with plenty more infront of you!

We are so very proud of those 69 years and love you so very much!

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