January 16, 2010

When You've Only Got 100 Years to Live


I remember when I was a little girl, my mother always had a jar full of buttons on her dresser.  I used to love to sneak into her room, spill all of them onto the floor beside her bed and play with all the different colored buttons.  There were buttons that had fallen off of old blouses and coats, two buttons from old sofas we'd had and tons of little white and black buttons, all of various shapes and sizes.  I don't really remember how I'd play with them but I imagine I would lay them out, largest to smallest.  Or maybe I would seperate them by color? All I know is I always loved that jar of buttons.

Jakob's school celebrates the 100th Day of School.  Apparently it's a big deal.  The kids have various projects to completed by the first of February.  I got the paperwork this past week.  I'm not crafty.

One of the projects is to collect 100 things and set them up in a display.  BUTTONS!

It's funny how life circles around.  That jar of buttons?  It now sits on my dresser and last night Jakob spilled them onto the floor beside my bed and began to play.


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