May 3, 2010

So Quickly Time Passes

Last night, after a very full and happy weekend, I thought about when I had blogged last.  When I realized how long it had been or that the last time I updated my Project 365 was April 11th I thought...yikes!

So much has been going on.  Busy days, happy days. 

Concentrating on my family, my boys, has been my number one priority.  Learning the ways of my new DSLR has been a strong second.  For as much photo ability I thought I had I know nothing...but I'm learning.  And finding beauty in life has been laying dormant in me for a long time but I think I've finally woken up.

Letting go is hard.  Trusting something greater then myself, at times, is hard.  Being mindful of where I was and where I am is rewarding.

Never wanting to go backwards, only forward. 

Life is way to short to let it pass right by.  Learning to love it, despite its ups & downs, is key!


1 comment:

Colleen said...

Yikes is right! It's been almost a month. Keep blogging!