June 8, 2010

A Birth Story

I realized just today that I have never shared Jakob's birth story here on this blog which is pretty much dedicated to him.  Being that today is the six year anniversary of the day I was admitted into the hospital I thought I would share.

On June 8, 2004 I went to my scheduled appointment with Dr. B. for a routine check-up.  The check-up was just like all the others leading up to this point and with 5 ½  weeks to go I knew it wouldn’t be my last.  When Dr. B. finished the exam he looked me right in the eye and said “so, what do you think about having this baby today?”   TODAY?!?!  But, but, but….I still have 5 ½ weeks to go and we just moved into our house this past weekend and the baby’s room isn’t ready and there are boxes everywhere and TODAY!?!?!
As Aaron and I walked to the car parked in the ramp his words echoed through my head.  My blood pressure was dangerously high and I was spilling a lot of protein and that we were having a baby today.  I called my mom.  When she answered I started bawling.  She couldn’t understand a word I was saying so I handed the phone to Aaron, he explained the situation and that we were on our way home to pack a bag and then heading to the hospital.
My mom met up with us at the hospital.  They had me hooked up to drips and machines that beeped.  My water had been broken and now it was just a matter of waiting.
I labored all day, all night.  My epidural wore off twice and after the second time the anesthesiologist was sleeping and didn’t return to “top me off”.  They had me laying on my left side to try to bring down my blood pressure.  
My mom stayed through the night with Aaron and I.  They fed me ice chips and kept a cool wash cloth on my forehead.  X-files was on the television and every time Aaron left the room my mom would ask if she could change it.  The t.v. was the least of my concern; this game went on most of the night. 
I fell asleep and awoke to the most incredible pain I’ve ever felt in my life.  I turned over to face Aaron and told him to go get a nurse, quick!  The nurse came in and after being stuck at a 4 forever I was finally ready…she called Dr. B. and was instructed to have me start pushing.  Finally, after what seemed forever, Dr. B. arrive just in time to catch my tiny, squirmy little boy. 
JAKOB WAS HERE!  Born 5 ½ weeks early on June 9th at 6:01 am, he was healthy and beautiful and pink and screaming and wonderful.

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