October 27, 2010

Halloween Week

We are half way to Halloween and it's everywhere.  I love it!  The other day Aaron and I watched John Carpenter's Halloween.  We watched it in the middle of the day, I've never claimed to be brave.  But let me tell you, even in the middle of the day, that movie is Scarey...with a capital S!

We sprung Jakob out of school a touch early today to take a ride out to Kelkenberg.  I wanted Jakob to be able to show Aaron all the animals that he loves so much.  Needless to say we spend A LOT of time in front of the turkeys.  While we were there we picked out one last humongous pumpkin to complete our collection for the year.  We carved those suckers up right after Karate class!

We had a lot of fun and yet again Jakob somehow found the magic pumpkin...he found a whole $1.12 of  quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies!  I don't know how he does it every year!  He is almost completely able to wield his pumpkin carver all by himself...almost.

Picnik collage

Tomorrow we have to stuff goodie bags for his party at school on Friday and make a few quick size adjustments to his costume...wait until you see!  Once Friday rolls around it's All Halloween, All The Time.  I don't know about you but man oh man I am excited!!

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Secret Agent Mama // Mishelle Lane Photography said...

I used to do that for Mikey, Livey, and Benny all because of your dad! I'm gonna do it for Davey this year, too.

Happy Halloween!