October 4, 2010

A Love Letter

Amore 2

Dear Aaron,

Tonight is the eve of our 8th Wedding Anniversary. You got called to work an overnight after already working your scheduled eight hour shift. I'm totally bummed out. I don't even think it's the fact that you are away from me on the night before our anniversary...it's just the fact that you are away from me.

I appreciate so very much how hard you work for our family. The fact that your job is hard, yet you ROCK IT, and you are always pushing yourself to do better. Learn more. Be there.

I am so very proud of you.

I miss you when you are gone and that is such I good thing. I couldn't imagine being in a relationship where I didn't miss my parnter if he wasn't right at my side. Which is totally where I wish we could be twenty-four seven. But I know that isn't a reality. Yet even when we are apart and I am missing you like crazy, you are always right at my side.

So many words pop into my head when I think of the last eight years.

Strong. Tested. Unbreakable. Fragile. Happiness. Love. Blessed. Dramatic. Passionate. Joy. Patience.

I wouldn't change a single moment of the last eight years. Each of those moments are what brought us to today and today is pretty damn fantastic! I love you! Happy Anniversary!!!

From New York to the stars...

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