November 2, 2010

Date Night

In My Hot Little Hands!

Money has been seriously tight here in our household.  We have enough to pay the bills but nothing left over for fun.  We make our own fun but it's good for everyone to get out once in awhile and I certainly cannot tell you how long it has been since Aaron and I have been out without Jakob.  It's been THAT long.

If there is one person in our life who understands the importance of all of the above it is Jonah, my brother-in-law, who suprised us last week when he called from Nevada asking if Aaron and I would like a night out on the town, on him, in the coolest way imaginable!  Yesterday the mailman delivered our night out on the town in the form of two tickets to the Dave Matthews Band concert at the HSBA Arena this evening! 

We are so appreciative of Jonah's generosity.  He explains it this way...when he was going through medical school and needed companionship, free food, a place to crash, free laundry services and so on Aaron and I always gave it to him...whenever or whatever he needed.  I miss the days of Jonah showing up to do laundry and leaving a week later...that's A LOT of laundry folks.  Now he is all the way across the country and we miss him all the time.

Thank you Jonah for being you!

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