November 27, 2010


Holiday Magic

Yesterday the wind was relentless.  It whipped and it howled and brought with it fridged temperatures.  It was toasty inside.  I put on a big pot of soup that we warmed ourselves with all day.  After cleaning, which seemed to last forever, I went down to the basement, dusted off the Christmas bins and decided it was as good a day as any to start decorating for the holiday.  Besides it had been snowing all day.  Nothing says Christmas more then the first snow on the day after Thanksgiving.

Jakob was in heaven.  Each box he opened the brighter his smile got.  I put on the Elvis Christmas cd we have and we rocked it out.  We had such a great time shaking our groove thangs and finding sweet spots to showcase our Christmas treasures.  Then we shut the lights off and just let the glow of our lighted snowflakes lull us off to sleep, where I am sure there were sugar plums dancing.

Standing at Attention

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