December 2, 2010


Woke up burried in snow.  School was called on its account, so  we got to stay in our jammies a little bit longer.  I spent the better part of 2 hours getting up to the hospital where my mom was having surgery.  The hospital is forty five minutes away most days. 

I sat with my father and my siblings, happy we were all able to be up there with him and for her.  I got to see her in her lovely blue hair is definately her color.  Told her I loved her, kissed her good-bye and wished her good luck. 

Unfortunately I couldn't stay as long as I would have wanted to because Aaron had to be to work and Jake was unexpectedly home from school.  So I had to turn around and head back out into the blistery winter day.  Two hours later I got home and Aaron went off to work.

Jakob was playing video games but I could tell he was easily distracted.  As if someone from outside was whispering his name.  Finally he asked to put on his snow gear and head outside.  I was so glad for the distraction. 

I watched him make a make-shift sledding hill and listened to him giggle in delight.  All of a sudden I remembered how it felt, how you'd leave your belly somewhere halfway down your little hill and giggle the rest of the way down.  Snow tickles.

I lost myself out there for a little while.   Forgot that I was thirty five and laughed like I was six.  Three hours passed and I decided it was time to come in for soup.   I was so glad for the distraction.

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