June 5, 2008

There's Gonna Be a Heart Break Tonight, I Know

Yesterday when I got home from work our neighbor across the street was out with her dogs. I had heard from the other neighbor that she bread her chow, Zoie with a golden retriever from down the street. Zoie ended up having 7 puppies, 5 of which survivied. There are two left, Sheeba & Lucky. They are freaking adorable. She plans on keeping Sheeba and is looking for a home for Lucky. Did I mention it's a FREE puppy? She's beautiful. She's black and brown and has the sweetest disposition. I took Jakob over there to see the pups and he fell in love.

So last night I was talking to Aaron, who is SO not a dog guy, about the puppy. I told him with Jakob's birthday on Monday this would make the worlds greatest bday present. I often feel guilty that Jakob is an only child and will probably stay that way. I've talked to Aaron about a puppy at times and how someday I want to get Jakob a dog. He wasn't buying into it.

Now...with everything looking like THIS should be our puppy, the timing is ALL wrong. First of all our landlords don't allow pets. Mind you I could probably persuade them, I'm pretty good at that and we have been there 4 years (it's an upper/lower and the upper has been empty) without any problems but with our work schedules we aren't home a lot, a puppy needs a lot of attention and my parents are not dog people so I wouldn't be able to drop off the kid AND the dog. Financially we are just getting back on our feet and by no means as "stable" as we want to be and a dog costs money. Even though the puppy itself would be free there are all sorts of other finances that come up with an animal not to mention suprise vet visits/bills. Also, a few people have told me that chows are not nice dogs and are not recommended for families with kids. Mind you Zoie, the mother, is a wonderful dog and we've never had a problem with her, but according to personal experiences and internet research I'm finding the same result. Another reason is that our apartment, which is by no means small, is still an apartment. The yard is very small so there's not a lot of running/play room for a dog...and Lucky is going to be big...I think she's going to take on more of the retriver side...her paws are huge.

I guess I know in my heart that this isn't "our" dog...even though I want her to be. I guess I'm just having a little pitty party for myself and wanted to invite all of you along.


Carmen said...

Girl, you have the most amazing TALENT for choosing blog titles! Seriously! I bet you would be great at naming other things too, like works of art, or book titles!

Sorry about the puppy. I know how bad you want one.

Talk to ya soon!


Momo Fali said...

I know what you mean. I want another dog so bad (our Labrador just turned 10), but I KNOW it's not the right time. They are so much work and so much responsibility. Too bad I don't like cats!