August 6, 2008

All My Friends Know the Low Rider

I have a couch. I have a couch that was VERY cheap when I bought it four years ago. I have a four year old son. I have a four year old son who since he could walk loves to jump and climb all over my couch. I now have a cheap, four year old couch that is broken and sits so low that when two people sit on either end you eventually end up sitting right next to each other because the damn thing is broken right in the middle, we lovingly refer to said couch as “The Low Rider”. Unfortunately I don’t have a bank account with extra funds for a new couch.

Aaron’s uncle is coming into town this weekend. Yes, he has seen this shitty, broken down couch before but it’s condition has worsened since he last saw it. This couch is an embarrassment to me. My parents have a old couch (sleeper) and love seat in perfect condition that they have offered. I have a husband who would rather pull every tooth out of his head then move said couch & love seat to our house. I also have no extra strong men to help my already strong husband move said couch. I am also dealing with a time crunch. If I want new/used couch and love seat they must be moved today, after work by myself and my husband. Sleepers are heavy, so I’m told.

So, I will wait to see the mood of my sweet, strong husband after work. Before I bring up the couch again. If he’s had a good day I will bring the subject up straight away so we can just get the damn job done. If he’s not had a good day, well...that’s kinda why I was so bendy last night.


Carmen said...

Your blog always makes me sing. I hope you can kiss the Low Rider goodbye soon!

Think strong, muscley thoughts!



Jodi said...

Carmen, my Gumby act worked last night! Just talked to him and he's agreed to pick up the couch after work! YaY Me!

Bee Repartee said...

yay for a new couch.

My last couch I scored for 30 bucks on Craigslist...excellent condition, too...woohoo