August 1, 2008

Something In The Way She Moves

Wednesday night we attended Jakob’s friend Carson’s third birthday party. We are friends with Carson’s parents and Jakob plays with both Carson & his older brother Spencer daily. They live across the street from my parents. Both family have adopted each to speak. The party was total fun, the kids were swimming, the food was great and the company was perfect. It was getting to be twilight, Aaron had to run to help a friend with something for about an hour and I was sitting having coffee with Carson’s aunt, Lisa. In the meantime, Jakob & Carson caught a little frog. They put the frog in a mesh/plastic carry container and were all ga-ga over their find. I worried for the little fella because a three year old and a four year old aren’t exactly careful not to swing and shake it endlessly. Finally Carson set the carry case down on the table, next to me, in front of Cassie, his fourteen year old cousin. Cassie and I started talking about the poor frog and what was likely going to be his demise. Cassie decided to let the frog go...but not before she swung him towards my face screaming! I, in turn, started screaming, threw my hands up in the air and guessed it...dumped my cup of coffee all over myself, from head to toe. I was stained and sticky so I did what any level headed adult would do...I jumped into the pool with all my clothes on!

Oh...and I got pooped on today by a bird on my lunch break. My mom said to buy a lotto ticket.


Bee Repartee said...

Coffee by Kermit..hmmm too funny

Carmen said...

OMG! I'm cracking up here. I love you girl. Come to Florida and have coffee with me.



amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

:) love it.
I like it when I get hit by bird poo. It is v. lucky!