November 4, 2008

Someday I'll Wish Upon a Star


This morning we woke up bright and early with excitement in our bellies. Jakob was bouncing all over the place with energy. The morning was perfect, the fall leaves crunched under our feet and the sun warmed our backs as we walked to American Legion Post #64 to cast our votes.

"Mama, I can't wait to see Barack Obama!"

Silly boy, didn't his balloon deflate quickly when I told him that Senator Obama wouldn't be there personally.

Into the voting booth we go, I scoop Jakob up, show him which lever to press and just like that we are finished. I think he thought balloons and confetti would fall from the sky, I told him he'd have to wait for that until later. I was happy to share the experience with my son. No sooner did we come out of the booth, he went right back in with Daddy! Big day for such a little man!

On our walk home I thought about the promise of change and hoped that all Americans would step up today and exercise their right.

We got to my parents house to drop him off before we headed off to work and he told my parents that he got to "ROCK THE VOTE" this morning!


I hope you did too!


Momo Fali said...

I voted absentee, but I still voted!

I wonder how late we'll have to stay up to watch the ballons and confetti. I'd like to get this wrapped up by 10:00 PM!

cIII said...

I did.

And now for the Bourbon. It's gonna be a Long night. Election Coverage and bottling Beer. Peas and Carrots.

cathouse teri said...

Here by way of Bee Repartee! I saw the name of your blog and thought, "I can NOT believe I never thought of that when my son was small!" I called him Jakers.

So I just sent him a text telling him that cute phrase. He'll get a kick out of it. He's 27 now, and father of two. I guess I could play that game with his kids!

Your story reminded me of a couple of kids my daughter used to be nanny for in Northridge, California. She was a live-in nanny and would leave town periodically to visit her friends where she grew up ~ Sun City. They would hear her excitedly talk about Sun City. One day, they were out driving and their house was set up in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. They saw L.A. in the distance and said, "Erin! Is that Sun City??" I'm sure all that time they imagined it was something like Emerald City! Poor things. Someday they will pass through Sun City and find it to be a serious disappointment. :)