November 7, 2008

We've Got the Funk

...and not in a great, fun kinda way.

Two weeks ago Aaron came home happy about the glowing review he receive at work. Yesterday he came home angry, worried and disheartened because they had a massive house cleaning and he was one of a group that was let go.

I'm trying to remain calm. For him. For Jakob. I'm trying to remind myself that things could always be worse. I'm trying to remind myself that everything happens for a reason.

But this sucks huge hairy balls!


Ed (zoesdad) said...

There's almost nothing anyone can say at a time like this that might seem comforting. I'm sorry--you're in my thoughts.

Momo Fali said...

I am so sorry. Try your best to stay positive (though I know that's easy for me to say, because I'm not in your shoes). We had to shut down our business this year, and even though it hurts me too, it puts MUCH more pressure on my husband, so I try my best to just be there for him. I'm thinking of you.