March 3, 2009

Home is Where Your Story Begins

Is what the sign in my new kitchen reads and it is so true.

We are all moved in. With the help of our amazing family and friends the whole ordeal took under 4 hours. Three pick up trucks making two trips each and a little "clean up" of the City house and we were done. I will admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed upon entering my new digs and being surrounded by boxes or finding a place to rest my tired bones since my new couch & love seat are on back order until the 25th of this month but it is home and we are already feeling more comfortable then we ever did in our old, dark apartment which a dear friend referred to as "the dungeon".

Jakob is loving his new room and spending loads of time playing IN HIS ROOM which gives Aaron and I time to find homes for all of our belongings. Everyone's spirits are much brighter, helped by the fact that there is tons of natural light that filters in at every turn. I had a couple suprise guests pop in Sunday morning for coffee...what a joy to have visitors, no one really ever came to visit us in the city.

We had a slight "run in" with our old slum, er I mean, landlords to which I say "WHATEVER DUDES, PEACE OUT!". I'm not going to let anyone ruin this high we are on!

So...we are settling nicely, enjoying each other and the new place immensely and most importantly we are excellently happy!


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Momo Fali said...

Congratulations! I'm wishing you many happy times there.