July 23, 2009

What A Day For A Daydream

Despite the crap weather we've had, this summer has been one of the funnest summers we've had in a long time. I know that it's mostly because we've grown really close with our neighbors. Two young families with younger children. We text each other when dinner is ready because 4 out of 5 nights we are eating together at someone's house or yard, we pick up things at the store for one another and we watch each others children as if they were our own. We've even gone as far as helping one of us possibly obtain a job! Needless to say...we're tight.

Then why with half of the "funnest summers we've had in a long time" still in front of us am I daydreaming about winter? Are you kidding me? Winter. After Christmas, i despise winter. It's long, it's gray and it's depressing. But as I am driving back to work from taking my lunch break at home with my "extended family" I'm daydreaming about getting snowed in and how this "extended family" will make it fun with meals, card games, movies and of course playing in the snow. I'm looking forward to watching Aaron snowblow the neighbors driveways or working as a team to dig out someone's car. Watching our kids play outside and bringing them all in for a hot cup of coco.

We are lucky to have found our home when we did. Not just because we love the home, but because we truly love our neighbors. I think that love will turn my heart to any season we share together.

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