August 13, 2009

I Wish You Over the Moon, Come Out of the Question and Be

Last August I began following the story of a blogger who is beautiful, creative, intelligent and was fighting for her life. Stephanie, also known as NieNie to millions and her dear husband, Christian (Mr. Nielson) were involved in a near fatal plane crash in Arizona. Stephanie Nielson's story of love, motherhood and passion inspired millions of people to become better, to do better. For myself, she helped me find my creative spice once again, she reaffirmed my love of red lipstick and most importantly I became a better wife and mother. For that I am forever grateful.
This week her sister is blogging personal stories from that time and "celebrating a year of survival for my sister, her husband and our family."

The Clark/Nielson families have become a source of inspiration in my life. They have softened me and brought me closer to my siblings. I still include them in my nightly prayer and read up on them daily through this wonderful world of blogging.
I am overjoyed to be able to say that Stephanie and Christian are recovering (and blogging) in Utah surrounded by family, friends and faith.

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