October 7, 2009

I'm High As A Kite and I Just Might Stop to Check You Out

Aaron DVR'd the latest Halloween movie. You know, Halloween, Michael Meyers....here hold on...

You get my point.

So, anyways, he DVR's this movie and when I went home today on my lunch he had baked me a home-made pizza (I'm not even kidding)and we sat on the couch and he was all "I've got something to show you honey" and then he turned it on.

I hate scarey Halloween movies. I'm not into blood and guts. Suprisingly though, Halloween is my most favorite time of year. At first I protested and then I sat back and was almost late coming back from lunch. It kinda is a sad movie.

My friends dad died suddenly on Saturday. Stroke. 56. It sucks. I went to the wake last night. She breaks my heart. He was a good guy.

So, I was walking back to the office from the parking garage. Back from lunch. It's one of those crazy fall days. Whipping wind, wet, leaves blowing all over the street. I had trouble keeping my hood up. The sky was yellow.

I started to think about Jennifer's dad. And Michael Meyers. And thought to myself how strange and fragile life is. About how, what if this were my very last second of life. Because it can happen just like that you know. Would it be me checking traffic to my right, holding the elevator for the UPS driver or while handing the client a glass of water? And just then I realized. That's the true beauty of life. Is that there is no way of ever knowing when that moment will be until it happens. So why worry?

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