January 8, 2010

If This Is Gonna Run Round in My Head, I Might As Well Be Dreaming

For the past few days my thoughts and prayers have been focused on Stephanie Nielson and her family.  I've blogged about NieNie on my blog before, about how beautiful and what an inspiration she is and how she and her story have changed MY life along with countless others.

Stephanie is currently in Arizona having several reconstructive surgeries, mostly on her neck to allow for more movement.  I'm sure the next few months will be difficult for her and her family but what this woman has endured already is amazing.  I'm sure she'll do just fine.

I would just like to ask any of you who read my blog, anonymously or otherwise, to take a moment and say a prayer for Stephanie and her family.  It's amazing just how far prayer has gotten them so far!

Taken from NieNie Dialogues

We love you Stephanie!  Get home and well soon!

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