January 5, 2010

In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman

10 Things I Love About Winter

10.  The fact that I can drive in just about any wintery condition and feel confident that I will make it to my destination.

9.   When my Floridian cousin, HI JANET!, sends me text messages that read "Your blood must be like JELL-O to keep you warm. Lol!"

8.  I honestly feel, way down deep in my heart, that it takes a certain kind of strength to live in places with harsh winters.  Winter makes me feel strong.

7.  That we have a big ol' bucket of rock salt next to our side doorway.  So do our neighbors and so do their neighbors.

6.  The stillness and silence.

5.  Recognizing animal tracks in the snow in the backyard. 

4.  Having a snowball fight with Jakob and Aaron.

3.  Saturday morning slippers and coffee.

2.  The peace of watching a quiet and slow snowfall from the comfort and warmth of my home.

1.  That's it's almost half way done!

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