January 4, 2010

Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

" I will make a conscious effort to journal my thoughts 
and mind ramblings 
so that I can turn those little treasures into blog posts!"

This was a comment I left on a blog I was reading this afternoon.  The blogger hopes to collect 100 Resolutions from her readers by each of them leaving one of their own.  That was mine.

Before the years end,  I was in Barnes & Noble looking for a Buffalo, New York calendar for my sister when I nearly knocked over a table.  And, as in any great story, there, on that table, was the answer I had been secretly searching for.

I took my time.  Picked each one up.  Shuffled through her pages.  


My New Year's Resolution:  to be more organized with important dates and appointments but to also take the time to stop, jot down the thought that is in my head.  I may never use it.  But knowing that the words are there for me to use or bring back a memory is something I have been robbing myself of for years!

Here's to 2010!  Here's to Resolutions!


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