March 8, 2010

I Could Use a Nap


I am exhausted.  I could use a nap.

I am still battling this ridiculous head cold.  Now my ears are all plugged up, my lips chapped because of not being able to breath through my nose and barely comes.

I shouldn't complain really.  

My mom has been in the hospital for over two weeks now and she's probably going to be there for another two.  She had emergency surgery last Thursday,  transferred out of ICU last night and life as we all know it will be very different for a few months.

Shit is hard without my mom in the picture.  She is our glue.  We miss her presence so much it hurts.

But the earth continues to rotate.  We pull together and share the responsibilities.  Our family unit becomes closer.

I am exhausted.  I could use a nap.

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