May 17, 2010

Tough Nut to Crack

On Friday afternoon I did my first "real" photo shoot with my new camera.  By "real" I mean it wasn't Jakob who I torture constantly with my camera in his face...which I have done even before owning a DSLR.  I think I've worn him out.

My mother's best friend, Aunt Shirley, had her 17 month old granddaughter in town for the week from Pennsylvania and asked me to come over and take some shots of sweet Emily.  She warned me, of course, that Emily is a tough nut...very rarely does she give her smiles out freely and boy, oh boy did she make me work for it!  The tough ones are always my favorite though.  I pulled out all of my old portrait studio tricks.  "Blow the Monkey", "I'm gonna get'cha", I even let her see herself on the camera and all I got was a  lot of this:

Emily B&W

Which is still adorable but her grandmother wanted a smile!  Then I thought about my niece, who is another tough nut to crack and smelling her stinky feet and over-reacting is always a winner.  So I tried it and low and behold...I got her!


And by the time I left, Emily and I were best friends and my Aunt Shirley was thrilled!


See ya next visit kiddo!

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