July 20, 2010



I am in the same clothes that I wore yesterday.  Fell asleep in them actually.

My hair is a knotted mess.

My house needs a good cleanin' and the garbage bag laying on the kitchen floor next to me smells like litter and it's totally killing my morning coffee vibe.

One sec...

...much better.  Garbage bag out.

Aaron has been working mad overtime.  We lay low due to lack of funds.  My former employer is fighting my unemployment claim but that is another post for another day. 

I have bills that are due but a fridge full of food.

Things are a little rough right now but will turn around I'm sure.  But with everything going on around us we are still happy,  still smiling, still standing. 

We laugh from the deepest part of our bellies and love from the deepest part of our hearts.

We live.

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Surgy White said...

"gotta keep moving, oh my my, gotta keep moving on..."