August 17, 2010

Beauty Is All Around

Tahoe Sun

We made it to Tahoe Saturday night.  We took a cab from the Reno airport to our house in the Tahoe Keys.  Luckily for us we had a wonderful old driver, Jerry, who stopped at his favorite fishing location so we could get out to take a look at the stars against the black black Tahoe sky. 

Jakob caught his second wind when we got to the house and we all wound up in the hot tub at midnight. 

Woke up bright and early Sunday morning and hit the beach.  With family and wonderful friends we had a blast.  Jakob's favorite was throwing the ball out far into the water to watch Lucy retrieve it.


Came home to a fantastic & turf.

Surf & Turf

Took the boat out to Emerald Bay this morning...the beauty here is heavenly.  I'm in love with the mountains.

Emerald Bay

It is only Monday, we still have 5 days to soak it all in.  The only draw back was running into a Black Widow yesterday in the kitchen while making dinner with Lisa and Jonah.  I killed it, being the only one with shoes on, and Jonah swore us to not tell anyone so no one panicked.  Tonight he spilled the beans and Aaron and his mom are freaking out.  It's kind of funny.  Aaron wants to sleep with the light on...I don't think so buddy!

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Secret Agent Mama said...

My friend lives there and she's always gushing over the beauty of the land.

Enjoy your time!