August 10, 2010

Ready For Sleep

Summer 2009
                                                                           Summer 2009

Since Jakob was a baby we've had pretty much the same bedtime routine.  Some scoff at it, others are in a similar boat, we don't mind it one bit.

I still lay down with him, we talk about our day, we read a book, we say our prayers and then he rubs my thumb nail with his thumb.  He started doing that when he was just a little babe and would nurse.  I love that this is how he goes to sleep.

Tonight as I laid there with him I was thinking to myself how I absolutely love this time with him and then he rolled over and told me that this was his favorite time of the day with me.  My heart exploded.  I kissed his forehead, he rolled over and was off to dreamland.

These days are coming to an end.  He is needing me less and less because he is after all a big boy now.  It makes me sad but it also reinforces that we are doing our job as parents.  But I'll take as many as these nights as I can get because before long they will be but a sweet memory.

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vincent said...

I won't bore you with our little night time routine, but our little one still loves it and I will do it until she is twenty if it still makes us both happy! They grow up too fast. My daughter who is 18 moved out in June and I would love to have her back her to help fall asleep... It is a great thing, you being a good mommy! :) People think I am nuts too! Oh well!