August 19, 2010



At home we play a game at the dinner table everynight when we sit down as a family for dinner.  We go around the table and each of us tell what the best part and worst part of our day was.  Last night when we sat down to dinner with the family it was hard for me to pin point the best part of my day. 

Was it when we beached the boat and jumped into the cold cold waters of Lake Tahoe, which was something none of us had ever done before?  Was it burrying Jakob in the sand?  Or when Aaron and I pushed the boat back into the lake and jumped aboard?    Was it listening to Grandma tell Jakob spooky stories?  Or when Aaron and I took Jonah's truck into town, just the two of us, for some groceries?


See what I mean?  Hard to pin-point the best part of my day.  But I can assure you...there wasn't a worst!

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