September 13, 2010

Jumping For Joy

Makes Me Wanna Jump

It has been almost three long weeks since I have had internet access.  Phew...that's a long time!  I felt lost, out of the loop, but now I am back!

So much has happened.  Fall has arrived with its cooler weather and shorter days.  School has started.  My first grader is loving school so far and we couldn't be happier.

Aaron is working like a mad man.  Tons of overtime, tons of progress with the guys in the house. 

I am still unemployed and still waiting for my unemployment hearing.  It is now just a matter of me refusing to let it go which has it's good and bad.  I feel like I am being screwed over my previous employers insecurity and after all the crap I did for her over the last four years I've decided to dig in my heals and be stubborn.  On the other hand money is tight but we manage.  I love being able to be home and put Jakob on the bus, without rushing in the morning.  Taking time to make sure he eats a good breakfast, brush his teeth and have all his things in his bookbag.  I love being able to pick him up in the afternoon, getting homework done and making dinner while he reads me his latest book from the liabrary. 

It's all about attitude and chosing joy.

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