September 20, 2010

Where Is Juan Valdez When You Need Him?

sock monkey

We woke up this morning to frost on the front lawn.  The alarm went off and when my feet touched the cold hardwood floor I jumped right back into bed!  Jakob started freaking out that he was going to be late to school which I knew wasn't going to happen but I got up anyways just because I didn't want him getting all worked up, I'm a good mom like that.

I shuffled my way into the kitchen, I was in serious need of coffee.  So with sleep in my eyes I filled the coffee maker with water, grabbed a filter and then added the coffee?!......are we SERIOUSLY out of coffee?!?  The coldest morning so far and I wouldn't have a hot cup of coffee to keep my hands warm while waiting at the bus stop with Jakob?  OMG!  I thought about texting one of my neighbors but none of them drink's like I'm surrounded by Mormons...which there is absolutely nothing wrong with Mormons (Hi Steph, Hi Cjane) except that they don't drink coffee.

I put Jakob on the bus and contemplated going back to bed.  I opened my laptop and started chatting.  My girlfriend told me to stop being lazy, run up to Tim Horton's and get some coffee.  So, with my hair in a sloppy bun on the top of my head, my pink Arizona hoodie and my Sock Monkey slippers I rolled through the Tim Horton's drive-thru.  I was a vision.

All this before 9 a.m.  It's going to be a long day.

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Your Girlfriend said...

This is what good days are made of!