September 21, 2010

Tuesday Night Book Club

About ten years ago, just before I met Aaron, I used to hang out in a coffee house near the University that my dear friend Jim owned.  Tuesday Night Beer Club was born one cold January Tuesday, affectionately nic-named TNBC, when we needed something stronger then a large Columbian coffee to warm our bones. 

Flash forward ten years and TNBC has a whole new meaning.  Every night before bed Jakob picks a book and we read it together.  I help him with the words that he doesn't know and in turn he helps me with the words I don't know, wink.  I've decided to take Tuesday nights to feature the book we shared, bringing to life "Tuesday Night Book Club". 

Tonight he picked from his new Scholastic Book Order that came in today.

TNBC Week 1

Zero Is The Leaves On The Tree by Betsy Franco is a beautiful book which teaches the important concept of the number zero.  With breathtaking illustrations by Shino Arichara this book will inspire children to find zero everywhere in the world around them.  Both Jakob and I loved this book which lead to some stimulating conversation about math and numbers!  Win!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday!

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