May 9, 2008

I Want to Rock Your Gypsy Soul, Just Like Way Back in the Days of Old

Last night was the perfect cap on a not so perfect week. After a week of tears, heart ache & sorrow it was nice to laugh, play and dance...yes dance. We had dinner last night at Aunt Andy's house. She's a fabulous cook. She made home-made chicken pot pies...yum! And then a wonderful rhubarb pie for dessert!

The stories that were told were wonderful. No one can tell a story like my mother-in-law. She had us in tears, she's hysterical. We played cards, listened to fabulous music and actually had a little dance party in the living room before we left.

Jakob was on his best behavior. I let him help me play cards, he shook his booty, sang along with the Beatles songs and then crashed on Andy's ohsocomfy couch.

This is family we don't see often even though they live twenty minutes away. I thought to myself on the ride home why we don't get together more often. I suppose that life just gets too darn busy but we really should, they are fabulous people. I left exhausted (keep in my I came in that way) but with a overpowering feeling of love, warmth and family.

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