May 8, 2008

To Every Season/Turn, Turn, Turn

Just spent the last three days saying goodbye to Aaron's first cousin, Terri. Tragic that her life was so short. Thirty seven years just aren't enough. She left behind three beautiful daughters, ages nine, six and one. Unreal, right?

Terri was a spitfire! Loved everyone, held back nothing and was always the life of the party. I see so much of her in her middle child.

The people were never ending. The stories of "back in the day" got funnier and wilder as each tale was told. Puffy eyed, clenching drenched tissues final goodbyes were said.

Our world has been turned upside down.

My in-laws flew into town for the services. My brother-in-law flew back to Reno this morning. We've had a full house. Jakob has been thrilled with all the visitors and seeing cousins he normally doesn't get to see. He's too young to realize that Ashley & Sammy's mommy isn't ever coming back. My heart aches.

Tomorrow everyone goes home, life back to normal or so I pray.

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