October 20, 2009

Goddess on the Mountain Top, Burning Like A Silver Flame

Every woman, I believe, harbors an inner Goddess. She appears when needed, when her strength is required.

I remember clearly the morning when my inner Goddness presented herself. In the early morning hours of June 9, 2004, after 18 hours of hard labor I delivered my son, 5 weeks early. I was exhausted and wanted to quit, as I am sure many woman over the years have begged durning child birth. I can recall the instant when my inner Goddess took control of the situation in that delivery room and in a matter of seconds, I became a different woman. I had become a mother, a protector, a Goddess. Bloated, sweaty and completely spent, I was her and she was me.

Kind Over Matter wants to know about your inner Goddess and will reward one lucky winner with a beautiful necklace.


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