October 21, 2009

Listen To The Music

About 2 weeks ago our stereo took a poop. It had been acting funny for a bit and we just dealt with it. Finally the poor thing just gave up.

I feel really bad for Aaron. Anyone who knows us knows how much of a music lover my husband is. How there is always music playing in our home. When Jakob was a baby Aaron and I would go back and forth about how loud the music should be played after a certain time or when entertaining guests...it turned into a running joke within our circle. Aaron loves his music LOUD while I on the other hand enjoy it as filler or background. Our son has inherited his father's love for loud music. He walks around all day singing Kiss, The Beatles, Oysterhead, Dylan, Van Morrison...our boy knows good music.

A new stereo is not in our budget so we have gone without. We will shop when we are able. What suprises me most is how much I am missing the daily mix of music Aaron would play. I miss Bob Dylan Sundays or his mix of solo albums by Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr. I have an Ipod which holds a lot of good music but no docking station, the computer is set up in our room so when played from there the sound doesn't fill the house. I miss the music and yet, even with it not playing daily we are so, so happy. Ultimately the happy is the music which shapes our lives.

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