December 8, 2009

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus!

Christmas has come early to Casa di' Shull in the form a sweet, gray fur ball.  Last night I suprised Jakob with a trip to our local SPCA.
A kitten!  A KITTEN!  He exclaimed!

He couldn't believe that those words were actually coming out of my mouth.

"I can take one home Mama?  And it will be like MY (gulp) PET?"

"Yep...that's right son!"

So he knelt down and checked out all the kittens.  Laboring over the gray or the black...gray or black.

We asked to see the gray one first, so they set us up in a playroom.  People, it literally took 10 seconds for us to know that she was the one.

A sweet, soft little 3 pound kitty to complete our family.

Jakob has been asking for a brother, sister or cat.  Seeing as though I have no intention of having more children the thought of him living his days without a companion broke my heart.  So...despite my allergy and my general dislike of cats I caved.  And now...I'm in love!

Wait until you see her.  She's a real beauty!  She's loveable, snuggly and fits right in! 

Jakob has given her the name Bells.  Like jingle bells...cause it's so close to how he explained it to me!

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